Data Science & Analytics

Data Science & Analytics are our passion. Whether it’s the offline disciplines of Customer Insight, Database Marketing or Econometrics – or the online world of Digital Data, SEO and Web Analytics – we understand the disciplines and, more importantly, the people who share our passion within these sectors.

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We understand the importance of Technology to your business – whether you are a professional employed in the sector or a client within an Technology business.  We understand what you do, why you do it and what you are looking to achieve. We solve Technology problems by identifying talent within the marketplace or by identifying roles and organisations for talented individuals.

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Digital Media is big business. It pertains to anything that is electronic; online or accessible by mobile, hand-held devices and IPTV, videogame consoles that connect to an online platform, online social networks where users can interact and inform, portals for sharing anything from photos to music, interactive design and all the development that goes on in the background that makes the user experience flow seamlessly.

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Recent Opinion Pieces

Latest posts from the MBN Thought Leadership Collection. Want to us to cover a particular area in the future? Get in touch via our contact page.

rob article august 16-2

The future’s so bright….I gotta wear shades…

A top prize of a biscuit and a cup of tea for anyone who can tell me who originally sung the song with the lyric mentioned above….(No Googling!) I’ve spent the last few weeks meeting and interviewing a large amount of people – mostly recent graduates – to select an intake for the MBN Academy’s

CDO Blog Pic

Why is Data becoming established in the C-Suite?

Over the last decade, we have seen the seniority of data and analytics roles grow in various types of organization. Chief Data Officers (CDO) have become increasingly popular, as the most senior role of those roles within a company. With the passing of time, those roles continue to operate and it feels like the CDO

tip on keeping your analysts

Data Scientist or Not?

I ask this question as, here at MBN Solutions, we have noticed a concerning trend recently. We frequently speak to companies who are looking to hire “data scientists” and then only realizing once they interview candidates that’s not what they need. And, after spending the last two days attending the Data IQ Summit, we know