Insight & Analytics

Insight & Analytics are our passion. Whether it’s the offline disciplines of Customer Insight, Database Marketing or Econometrics – or the online world of Digital Data, SEO and Web Analytics – we understand the disciplines and, more importantly, the people who share our passion within these sectors.

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Information Technology

We understand the importance of IT to your business – whether you are a professional employed in the sector or a client within an Information Technology business.  We understand what you do, why you do it and what you are looking to achieve. We solve Information Technology problems by identifying talent within the marketplace or by identifying roles and organisations for talented individuals.

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Digital Media is big business. It pertains to anything that is electronic; online or accessible by mobile, hand-held devices and IPTV, videogame consoles that connect to an online platform, online social networks where users can interact and inform, portals for sharing anything from photos to music, interactive design and all the development that goes on in the background that makes the user experience flow seamlessly.

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Recent Opinion Pieces

Latest posts from the MBN Thought Leadership Collection. Want to us to cover a particular area in the future? Get in touch via our contact page.


Does your grand plan lack a data foundation?

Soon after a new data scientist or analyst starts work, we like to check-in on how they are doing. Are they learning new things? Do they understand what’s asked of them? Is the boss happy? Although most thrive and grow, we do also hear of problems in what they expected to be ‘new job paradise’.


Big Data and the 360 degree customer view

Data, data everywhere….. Your average connected user today shares a mass of personal data as they engage with organisations through an increasing number of channels and applications. This means that behind every Tweet, every Facebook request, and every other interaction, there is a potential customer who expects a personalised, unified experience, regardless of which department

MBN defining the Big Data Bridge 2015

Big Data: The ‘Bridge’ to Success in 2015

So… Over half way through 2015 and what do we know about how Data-Driven Companies are performing? You can’t help but to have noticed that Big Data is growing in popularity for column inches in the business press. Everywhere from the mainstream broadsheets right through to regular articles in the Harvard Business Review one can