Data Science & Analytics

Data Science & Analytics are our passion. Whether it’s the offline disciplines of Customer Insight, Database Marketing or Econometrics – or the online world of Digital Data, SEO and Web Analytics – we understand the disciplines and, more importantly, the people who share our passion within these sectors.

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We understand the importance of Technology to your business – whether you are a professional employed in the sector or a client within an Technology business.  We understand what you do, why you do it and what you are looking to achieve. We solve Technology problems by identifying talent within the marketplace or by identifying roles and organisations for talented individuals.

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Digital Media is big business. It pertains to anything that is electronic; online or accessible by mobile, hand-held devices and IPTV, videogame consoles that connect to an online platform, online social networks where users can interact and inform, portals for sharing anything from photos to music, interactive design and all the development that goes on in the background that makes the user experience flow seamlessly.

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Recent Opinion Pieces

Latest posts from the MBN Thought Leadership Collection. Want to us to cover a particular area in the future? Get in touch via our contact page.

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How Do You Find Data’s Next Masters of the Universe?

This article was first published on 18 October in Data IQ by David Reed. Many thanks to him. What do you do when you run a service company and sometimes find you can’t provide your clients with the service in question? If the problem is internal resources, you can always hire more staff. But what

Paul Digital Banking

Digital Banking: Be Ready or Be Disrupted

Background It’s already happened in sectors such as retail and travel, but for banking the digital revolution has so far been reasonably business friendly. For an industry that often likes to stick rigidly to its operational traditions, often driven by the abundance of legacy technology, the prospect of being disrupted by the next big technological


Blockchain and non financial services use cases

Blockchain as a disruptive enabler Blockchain first appeared in our general consciousness as a result of Bitcoin. Whilst the Jury may be out on Bitcoin, Blockchain has made waves by showing a valuable contribution to the financial services industry. So what is it and what of the opportunities to apply Blockchain as a facilitator of