Data Talent Scotland – The Perfect Storm – but what comes next?

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I left Edinburgh on Wednesday night, sat on the train and started flicking through Youtube. I’d watched a trailer recently for a movie called “The Finest Hours” and the Youtube recommender engine suggested I’d then like to watch the trailer for a similar movie called “The Perfect Storm”.

The synopsis of the story of “The Perfect Storm” caused me to reflect on the events of last Wednesday. In the movie, a series of events brings together the crew of a fishing boat with a rarely experienced storm of gigantic proportions. In Edinburgh last Wednesday, the inaugural Data Talent Scotland event brought together a variety of disciplines and sectors within the Scottish Data community – the creation of The Perfect Storm for Data people.

Data Scientists must wrestle with the challenge of bringing together aspects of different disciplines (analytics, programming, visualisation and business consultancy) in order to present the most appropriate answer to the Data question being asked. True Data Scientists are skilled in all 4 disciplines, and are able to combine elements of each skillset in order to come to a successful conclusion.

Data Talent Scotland as an event acted as a sort of microcosm of the Data Scientists’ solution. More than 500 Data people from a variety of backgrounds – educational and vocational, with a host of exhibiting and presenting companies, brought together for one collider event.

By bringing together both the private and public sectors, contacts within education and academia and our network of connections within both start-up organisations and established corporate enterprises, we are hoping that our efforts, along with The Data Lab, We Are The Future and a host of other participative organisations, are successful in creating “The Perfect Storm” for Data Talent within Scotland.

We have a challenge in Scotland. We have a number of fantastic companies and organisations who operate in the Data sector. We have excellent academic institutions who provide a wide and varied range of Data themed courses to students. We have government interest. We have start-ups, small businesses and large corporates. We have a need to place appropriately skilled individuals into the right jobs. We have the ingredients for “The Perfect Storm”.

MBN Solutions are proud to act as catalysts at the centre of this challenge. We exist to bring people together. We were perfectly naturally positioned in this space due to our long and successful track record of recruitment and people solutions expertise, primarily with organisations around London and Europe. However, Scotland is our home – and it’s always nice to come home.

What comes next? We will continue to do what we’ve always done – disrupting the existing marketplace to find the very best Data talent for the most innovative and progressive Data-led organisations out there. We’ll continue to collaborate with organisations like The Data Lab, we’ll continue to host our events and meet-up groups, to work with academia and educational partners to help bridge the gap between what’s taught in the classroom and what’s required within industry. We’ll continue to lead the way with our thought leadership. This is just the beginning.

More than one person commented that, due to the success of Data Talent Scotland (and the work done in the incredibly short 8-week time frame involved in putting on the event), next year’s event will be bigger. Much bigger. The clever (or crazy!) folks in here who are involved behind the scenes are already rubbing their hands in glee at the prospects of the logistics involved for a much larger event.

It looks like The Perfect Storm wasn’t an accident – and it’s here to stay. Make sure you stay close to the eye of the storm. It’ll be worth it.