Presenting “Careers in Analytics” to Cambridge University Judge Business School

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February began with MBN Academy fulfilling an invitation to present to Cambridge University’s Judge Business School.  Following on from similar exercises with Oxford and Regent’s Universities, Robin Huggins was joined on the day by Sanjeevan Bala, Head of Planning and Analytics at Channel 4 Television.

The audience, largely MBA and MSc level students, were given a comprehensive biographical account of his career in Analytics to date by Sanjeevan, who then described and discussed the ways in which Channel 4 have gained a more detailed understanding of their audience through the use of advanced analytical techniques and data science practices.

Rob then followed with a whistle-stop tour of the wider Analytical/Big Data landscape, the employment trends which characterise the sector and some pragmatic guidelines on how graduating students might successfully engage with organisations such as Channel 4 and others.

If you are a University or a University student thinking a presentation to your faculty may be of benefit to you and your peers, or simply want to know more about MBN and the Academy, please get in touch here.