MBN Host Key Roundtables in Paris with the UKTI

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As part of our continuing commitment to the Big Data, Insight & Analytics and the Data Science sector, MBN were asked to participate in the latest UKTI event on Big Data in Paris.

By 2020, tens of billions of objects will be connected and the exponential volume of data created within each area of the global economy will be almost infinite. It is expected to grow forty to fifty-fold between 2010 and 2020 to reach something in the order of 40 zetabytes.

UKTI addresses this digital revolution dealing with the future opportunities and challenges created by Data Analytics and Information Security. The event, held in the prestigious British Embassy in Paris aimed to address the emergence of Big Data to derive economic growth.


MBN in Paris: Sir Peter Ricketts

Sir Peter Ricketts, the Biritsh Ambassador to France opens the UKTI Event.

The event featured a unique programme of French and UK experts from across business, government, academia and the information security landscape and explored societal, business and technical challenges of data analytics. The various panel sessions and round tables offered practical insight into the benefits and pitfalls, the impact on business sustainability and new opportunities for implementation of big data strategies.

MBN’s CEO Michael Young, was joined by MBN’s Chairman, Paul Forrest to host two key roundtables. Michael provided insight and practical guidance as to issues, problems and improvement opportunities pertaining to the skills needed to maximise the likely benefits and overcome the anticipated challenges. Discussing key aspects of potential changes to the UK curriculum to support greater appreciation of data science through to the received brain drain of top talent, Michael was able to offer a unique insight based on MBN’s experience as a leading provider of such appropriately skilled people.


MBN CEO, Michael Young Hosting the Big Data Staffing Roundtable

MBN CEO, Michael Young Hosting the Big Data Staffing Roundtable

Paul facilitated two roundtables focusing on the challenges, business models, leadership and issues relating to trust, privacy and security in respect of Smart Cities. A vibrant and interesting discussion was had during each session although with very different outcomes. Paul further explored the propensity of such initiatives to be driven by the political agenda rather than real ‘citizen need’ which again was embraced by the groups as an opportunity to discuss how much engagement genuinely exists in Smart City initiatives and what this means for adoption, cooperation and delivering outcomes with real benefits.

MBN Chairman, Paul Forrest hosts a UKTI Roundtable on Smart Cities in Paris

MBN Chairman, Paul Forrest hosts a UKTI Roundtable on Smart Cities in Paris

Both Michael and Paul noted that the participants were incredibly engaged with the subject matter and would like to thank those who attended for their enthusiastic participation.

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