Utilising a Recruitment Consultant in your Job Search

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In this article, Robin Huggins, MBN’s Head of Business Development, discusses how to best utilise a Recruitment Consultant in your job search

So, you’ve decided to move jobs….

You’ve thought long and hard reaching your decision, you’ve weighed up the pros and cons, you’ve taken on board all the advice and guidance of your friends, coach, mentor and your nearest and dearest..

What next?

Well, unless you have the kind of little black book of contacts that the majority of Premiership Football Agents would envy, your job hunt will inevitably take you onto an online job board (where you can upload your CV or respond to an advert and apply for a post) or a social media network such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Make a few applications through any of these channels and, sooner or later, you will start to attract the attention of Recruitment Consultants.

When that happens…

in order to maximise your experience (and, let’s be frank, get to that dream job quicker!) here is how to best utilise a Recruitment Consultant in your job search:

  • When a Recruiter contacts you, take their contact details and the name of the agency that they work for. Do your due diligence and your research. You aren’t going to be able to speak to every recruiter out there – so focus your energies on recruiters and recruitment companies that have a presence in the sectors you are looking to work within. Of course, if you work within Sectors of Technology, Data, Digital or Analytics – you should be talking to MBN!
  • Set aside some time to have an introductory conversation with each recruiter at a time suitable to both of you. Have a good think about the attributes that are important to you in a new role: type of job, type of company, location, and remuneration. Don’t be ‘fuzzy’ or vague – be straight and clear on what an ideal next position will look like for you. Let the Recruiter start at the “perfect” role and work their way backwards from there. MBN have a specialist for almost every sub-sector within the Technology, Data, Insight, Digital and Analytics markets. Connect through LinkedIn, send an email, call the office, send a smoke signal – let us know what you do at the moment and what you want to do in future and we’ll connect you immediately with the right recruiter.
  • Ask for guidance on your CV. Is it drafted to “professional standard”? The best person to answer this question is a professional recruiter who looks at hundreds of CVs every week. Utilise the skill and experience of the recruiter – they know what’s best for your market sector. Get them to help you with advice on format, font and layout. This is an area where MBN recruitment consultants are only too happy to provide advice.
  • Insist on full details of any representation to be made in your name. Don’t be fobbed off with “I can’t let you know the name of the company” – what if it’s a company where a previous boss you didn’t get on with now works? Make a simple rule –don’t represent me without my consent – and don’t provide that consent without information. It’s your CV and your reputation – you control what happens to it!
  • Be open and honest about previous or existing applications. We all understand that confidentiality is paramount in such situations and many recruiters will ask you to keep information to yourself regarding where they are representing you but you are in charge of your job hunt and if you don’t let recruitment consultants know who has got your CV or where you are interviewing, then there’s a distinct possibility that that they will “double submit” you to roles that you are already represented to – this will waste everyone’s time and you will find yourself falling down the recruiter’s “priority list” as a result.
  • Once those interview requests start coming in – make yourself available for pre-interview briefings and Interview Advice calls. No matter how many interviews you’ve had in the past – from a couple to dozens – a little bit of advice around best practice can help in almost every interview scenario. MBN are happy to give this guidance and all of our consultants are trained in Interview coaching techniques.
  • As soon as you have finished with your interview – call your representing recruiter and let them know your thoughts on how it went. Quick, concise, accurate feedback can often be a key-determining factor in a close call between tightly placed candidates. Don’t delay, wait until you get home, forget about it or wait to be chased the next day! The market is moving incredibly quickly and sometimes the best way to secure that dream role is to show that you’re the candidate who wants it most!
  • If you are successful – let your representing recruiter handle all financial negotiations on your behalf. We do this all day, every day. Unless you’re another recruiter I very much doubt you could handle this crucial final phase better than we can. We can dispassionately deal with the final hurdle of salary and benefits without there being the awkwardness that might present itself if handled directly between candidate and potential employer. If an employer asks during an interview, just defer with “I’d rather let my recruiter at MBN handle that discussion on my behalf”.
  • Accept that you won’t “win them all” – and that the hardest part of any recruiter’s job is being the “bearer of bad news”. We would always, ALWAYS, rather be calling you with good news but we’re often the voice you have to hear when it’s not. Trust us, we want EVERY candidate to get the job. Dust yourself down, brace yourself and get back in touch again. It may well be that another great opportunity is just around the corner.


Hiring companies will always have a need for specialist recruiters. We provide a fast, accurate, targeted service within niche areas. Many organisations prefer to hire through recruitment consultancies and see us as a natural extension to their own business. Learn how to work with Recruitment Consultants to maximise your chances of getting the job of your dreams!

Want to know more or have an informal chat, Robin can be contacted via the contact form or Robin@mbnsolutions.com