Event - AI for Product Design | MBN
23 Aug 2021 , 12:00 PM

AI for Product Design

Data Science

In a hyper-competitive market, using data to design games and target player behaviours can significantly improve game launches, performance, and success rates.

Learn how this concept connects companies as disparate as Spotify, Nike, Netflix and Mercedes F1.

Speaker Bio 

Chris Conroy is the Chief Data Officer at Future Anthem. He's been leading the charge on data science within gaming for years, and I joined Future Anthem to deliver machine learning to the industry at a truly vast scale. Building teams is my passion, and I'm obsessive about enabling them to drive us forward, with cutting edge tech at their disposal. My anthems are techno, football and beer, mixed with a sample of poker.

Future Anthem builds AI solutions that enable the gambling industry to quickly optimise their game portfolios, increase player engagement responsibly and drive actions in real-time. We call this Game Data Science.