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Data Fringe 2019 – The Evolution of Data Blending and Smart Collaborations in Fintech

  • Tuesday 12th March 19 - 14:30 to 17:30
  • Lloyds, Morrison Street, Edinburgh

MBN Solutions and Fintech Scotland join forces to discuss the evolution of Data Blending and Smart Collaborations in Fintech as part of Data Fringe for #Datafest19.

Expect three twenty-minute presentations and a panel session to explore the rise of ‘data blending’ in Fintech ventures and how smart collaborations can facilitate the development of deeper more meaningful perspectives on the risks and commercial value of the end customer.


  • First up will be a presentation to explore and discuss ethical and legal issues of relationships between ’non usual suspect’ business partners and financial services businesses. The session will explore the what, how and why it’s right to share data to support the provision of enhanced services by financial services businesses? What are the legal and regulatory issues, the challenges of selecting business partners and the reaction by customers?


  • The second session will explore use cases for data lending and the role of collaboration in delivering effective selection and control of data to be used to support such activities. How have others gone about this, what are the key challenges and where are the examples of success or failure?


  • The third session will focus on the issues of trust, privacy and security in the arena of data lending. Where is the delineation between business partners in a data lending scenario? What can be done to enhance trust, privacy and security to put customers minds at rest and potentially mitigate customer dissent at data lending activities?

Event host;

Paul Forrest | MBN Solutions

Paul has some twenty-five years experience of helping businesses to solve complex business problems, deliver their transformation goals and to achieve tangible strategic outcomes. Hands on and deep thinking, he has worked with many FTSE 100 clients, Global 500 businesses and major Government entities around the world including Ford Motor Company, VAG Group, BAE Systems, GSK, AkzoNobel, RBS, HBOS, Diageo, Bacardi, Wal-Mart, British Airways, Virgin Galactic, Etisalat, British Telecom, Vodafone and Allen & Overy.

Guest speakers;

Kathyrn Wynn | Pinsent Masons

Kathryn is a Legal Director who works on a wide range of IT projects, but, as a specialist in data protection, information security and FOIA issues, focuses on IT projects with information management issues at their heart. She acts for a wide range of clients from telecoms, media and technology suppliers to banks and insurance companies.

Stephen Miller | Equifax UK

Stephen is a statistical modeller, analyst, researcher and leader with a Ph.D. in pure mathematics and a decade’s commercial experience in multiple industries. He has led a Data Science team to successfully deliver on multiple objectives including net new revenue, platform management and innovation.

James VargaThe ID Co.

Stephen founded The ID Co. in 2011 with a mission to create convenience—to allow us to sign up to new products and services in seconds.

The ID Co. builds products based on (open) bank data that helps businesses like online lenders to onboard their customers efficiently by solving pains such as affordability and credit risk.

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