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SCOTLAND FINTECH FESTIVAL: The “Art and Science” of Analytics and Data Science: We should all be like Leonardo

  • Thursday 24th September 20 - 18:00 to 20:00
  • Zoom Webinar

Point of the talk: This is drawn primarily from experiences in the domain of customer insight and customer experience. We think of analytics mainly as a hard ‘science’ but there is a growing importance to consider some more intangible sides to analytics: why do customers think the way they do (e.g. behavioural economics), why do stakeholders make decisions the way they do (e.g. influencing senior decision-makers)?

• What are some areas where the ‘art of analytics’ is often underplayed?
• What are some areas where the ‘science of persuasion’ is often underused?
• How can these be melded in interesting ways?
• Why do many firms fail to do this?
• What could you do about this in your teams / careers?

Presenter – Nick Hall

For the last 6 years Nick has led the Barclays Analytics Centre of Excellence – a team of 140+ analytics and data science professionals who use analytics to grow the Barclays retail and business banking franchise as well as build data products derived from the bank’s transactional data.

He started life as a geek, when it was much less cool: pre-web and practically pre-PC. He spent 6 years at IBM and then 16 years as a strategy consultant building and deploying data capabilities for clients in financial services and the consumer goods sector (mainly beer). His focus was on analysing customer-level behaviour data and blending this with research-based insights – to grow revenues, manage for value, manage risk or optimise capital use.

Both his personal and professional interest now is in pursuing his ‘geeky origins’ and helping businesses drive more commercial and strategic value out of their data through the application of data science, AI, human creativity and managing the business decision-making process.