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Scottish Blockchain Meet Up

  • Monday 4th February 19 - 18:00 to 19:30
  • Google Digital Garage, 42 Shandwick Place. EH2 4RT

Words such as conservative, risk averse and late adopters are often used to describe the Oil and Gas Industry’s appetite for emerging technology. Data Gumbo is witnessing an entirely different attitude. In fact, the Oil and Gas Industry excites us because there is so much opportunity to simplify an already heavily interconnected network.

Data Gumbo identified the challenges faced by upstream and midstream operators and their supply chains, but we didn’t stop our commercial internet vision there. We’ve designed a blockchain-based B2B platform with industry in mind. Industries where thought leaders are recognizing how the powerful combination of IoT, smart contracts and distributed ledgers can reshape how transactions are initiated, confirmed and settled. We share the achievable goal of removing field tickets, reconciliation and long payment cycles. Data Gumbo’s blockchain-as-a-service makes autonomous contract execution as easy as a handshake. The way agreements used to be made and still are with parties who trust one another.

In this Meetup, Lisa M. Smith, Data Gumbo’s Chief Development Officer will share what Data Gumbo has been up to since 2016.

Lisa M. Smith is Chief Corporate Development Officer for Data Gumbo. Lisa’s passion for digital strategy is represented in her 30 years of management consulting and program delivery successes. She has launched and operated several overseas technical delivery centres, managed marketing and proposal centres and served as a trusted advisor to global clients. Lisa is focused on building Data Gumbo’s brand, forming strategic partnerships and educating our clients on the power of blockchain-based solutions. Lisa holds an MBA from Emory University, a BS from the University of Iowa and has completed Executive Management programs at MIT and Dartmouth business schools.

  • Networking - 18:00
  • Lisa Smith - Data Gumbo - 18:15
  • Q & A Session - 18:40
  • Networking - 19:00