27 Apr 2021 , 12:00 PM

Starting a Career in Data Science - Advice from Industry Experts

Data Science

Data is the future and Scotland is at the forefront. It an open and welcoming data community and some of the most innovative organisations in the world call Scotland home.

It’s industry and community is underpinned by a considerable number universities, colleges and specialist courses that are dedicated to upskilling our population in the most relevant and cutting-edge data skills.

Scotland is a great place to start your career in data science, but as always, there is no single right path - everyone has their own story - and at this event, we will hear from two individuals who have taken different directions to be recognised as influencers in data science.

Panelists: Barry Smart, Consultant at Endjin and Delphine Rabiller, Data Scientist at Mallzee. 

Host: Bethany Rodgers-Rintoul, Project Manager at MBN Academy