10 Nov 2021 , 06:00 PM

Towards a Decentralised Web and e-Governance Of The Future


The presentation will outline the foundation of the EU-funded GLASS (SinGLe sign-on eGovernAnce paradigm based on a distributed file exchange network for Security, transparency, cost effectiveness and truSt) project and which aims to provide a backbone for a new generation of e-governance and in the democratisation of public services. It will outline the move away from centralised resources, and for the move towards a more distributed, secure and resilient approach.

This includes the integration into the Interplanary File System (IPFS), privacy-preserving cryptography and smart contracts, in order to support public services for governments, citizens and businesses across the EU. The presentation should be interesting to anyone with an interest in the digitization of public services, citizen-focused systems, digital wallets, creating trusted systems by design, and in the creation of the Internet of the future.

A key focus of GLASS is on trust, security, reproducibility and value generation for all stakeholders, and aims to build strong business cases and a sustainability. The presentation will also showcase the integration of permissioned and permissionless infrastructures in creating a scalable infrastructure of trust.


Prof Bill Buchanan, Pavlos Papadopoulos, Dr Owen Lo, Dr Nikolaos Pitropakis, Dr Christos Chrysoulas, Dr Zakwan Jaroucheh, Dr Sarwar Sayeed and Dr Masoud Barati, Blockpass ID Lab, Edinburgh Napier University.