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VIRTUAL EVENT: Insight Through Innovation: Delivering Scalable Data Products With The Latest Cloud Tech

  • Tuesday 4th August 20 - 18:00 to 19:30
  • Zoom Webinar

The pace of technological development means that is hard to keep track of the names of the latest data tools and techniques, never mind use them to build robust products that drive value for your business. In this talk we will introduce the concept of Aggreko’s “Modern Data Platform”, a connected series of cloud technologies and processes which together form our enterprise data product development and deployment environment. We will then share how we use this platform to create both Business Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions which can scale with the needs of the business, while also allowing for future innovations in technology to be incorporated and utilised as they come online. We will conclude with a detailed use case in both the BI and Machine Learning space.


Andy McMahon, Analytics Team Lead: Andy leads a team of data scientists and machine learning engineers who work on advanced analytics solutions for use across the business. The team utilise large scale cloud computing capabilities like Databricks and Azure Delta Lake to deliver bespoke algorithms for complex use cases like predictive maintenance.

Graham Morrow, Business Intelligence Manager: Graham’s team of BI developers and analysts deliver operational reporting supporting key business processes, metrics and KPIs to appropriate stakeholders and decision makers. His expertise in BI has helped to drive the reporting capabilities at Aggreko by utilising technologies like Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics.