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VIRTUAL EVENT: Technology Supper Club for Data Leaders: Is Data Science a mature field yet? A debate over the evolution of this field

  • Tuesday 12th May 20 - 18:00 to 20:00
  • Zoom

‘Is Data Science a mature field yet? A debate over the evolution of this field’ with Martina Pugliese, Data Science Lead at Malzee

Data Science as a field has received an enormous amount of attention in recent years, within tech circles and outside. While working with data is not per se a new thing and has been a large component of several fields ever since, the establishment of a separated discipline, with its place in the industry and devoted training programs in higher education is a relatively recent development. However, it has now been a few years since the start of this process and it would be interesting to discuss how things have evolved and how mature can we consider Data Science today in 2020. The debate will focus on Scotland specifically, given its interest and investment in Data Science and its strong tech community, but also address the topics more at large.

The areas we will explore during this debate are:

• Is there still a disconnect between academia and industry in regards to Data Science, and to which extent? Where do we sit in this regard, what are the improvements which have been made in recent years, and what is still not working, and why?
• From the side of businesses, what are the still unmet requirements that hires do not satisfy, and how is this problem getting addressed?
• Is the situation homogeneous everywhere, or are there countries/areas where the field appears to be more mature and gracefully established in its usefulness?
• What industries (or verticals) have been more prone to change and adapted better to a successful and fair use of data and what do we foresee happening in the near future?

This debate is meant to be a rather informal one where everyone will have a chance to contribute to the discussion. It is certainly not intended to outline conclusions for such a broad and wide set of topics, but rather function as a way to reflect over what tech, industry and academia have been experiencing and adopting in the last years in regards to Data Science. Come join us on Zoom.