How Big Data Is Widening The Skills Gap

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In keeping with the widespread rhetoric that the era of ‘Big Data’ is upon us, our blog this time around explores the issues prevalent in the industry relating to getting the right people in place.

Lets start by examining what really is happening in the market place.

What started out as using statisticians to ‘farm’ the disparate islands of data in a business has fast evolved to those same people utilising best in breed tools, algorithms and management practices.

The big leap forward now is to find such people with these core skills and more.  The more relates to their ability and experience to work with, and inform the CEO what’s going to happen next, not what happened last week or last month.

However, this is the issue we believe now exists. A skills gap is emerging within the business information (BI) and information management workforce.  The missing link with many is that the demand now is for these innovative forward-looking, predictive insights.

What this means is that the desired skillset has shifted and as the availability of data continues to grow in nature, volume and variety and the pace in which such data becomes available increases, the very best salaries and jobs will be awarded to those IM professionals who know how to use the emerging ‘Big Data’ platforms.  More importantly, those most in demand will be talented professionals who can leverage their skills and the available tools to answer complex questions the board and the broader business need answers to.

Such professionals will be helping businesses to put more and more data to work to provide deeper insights and more accurate predictive models, and that will lead to efficiencies, new services and greater customer intimacy and insight across all industries and the public sector.

In short, businesses and government agencies are putting their faith in data-driven decisions, and that’s increasing the demand for analytics and business information management expertise, which has demanded a maturing of BI, data integration and data warehousing professionals to masters of analytics and complex modelling.

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