2017 Top Performer – Congratulations Josh

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MBN continues to grow from strength to strength!  With a continued run of planned growth and with the commitment of a dedicated, capable and engaged team, MBN has achieved another year of simply stellar performance.

We are proud to announce that through dedication and hard work, Josh Smith is MBN’s top performer of 2017. Josh continues to show commitment and integrity to MBN and we would like to take this opportunity to thank him for this by awarding him with an All Expense Paid Luxury Holiday for Josh and his wife.

Michael Young, CEO:
“It gives me great pleasure in announcing Josh as 2017’s Top Performer. Throughout the past year, the dedication and hard work he has shown through managing his expanding team, placing candidates, working with new clients and attaining a record year for MBN has resulted in him achieving this title. We are very proud to have him as part of the company and look forward to his continued performance.”

As a leading global provider of people solutions, MBN is only as good as our people. Every day, we play a vital role in helping client organisations to identify the very best people to help them to create value and grow with confidence.