Are you our winner? #automatesummit Airpods Competition Winner Announced!

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Whilst exhibiting at the Intelligent Automation Summit back in August, we ran a competition to allow a lucky attendee the chance to win a pair of Apple AirPods.

All they had to do was complete our COVID-19 impact survey.

We at MBN are passionate about the sectors we operate in, and as many will already know, will continue to help businesses navigate a way through these challenging times. We believe that it is important to create perspectives to help those in the industry build cases for the continuation of mission critical change activities whilst also helping the labour market understand the likely demand profile for such activities over the coming year. Consequently, our 2020 Survey focused on determining attitudes towards the impact of the COVID-19 on participants businesses and to assess the extent to which the lingering impact will bite hard and in what ways.

Thank you to all who took part – we are delighted to announce that Bruce Harrison is our winner!