Blockchain: Enabler or Disrupter? Blockchain Panel Discussion

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Thursday 15 March 2018
17:00 – 20:30 GMT

Event Organised by Glasgow University International Law Society & Glasgow University Business.

One of the most discussed technological developments today is the Blockchain – the technology behind the digital Bitcoin currency that is expected to shake up our world economy. It allows for an integer and efficient transfer of not only information but anything of value (think money, intellectual property, contracts etc.). While its application and impact on the financial sector have been more evident, other industries are now also hoping to profit from the technology. What are the possibilities and potential pitfalls of the Blockchain? How will it impact our economy and society? What industries will it affect and what will it replace? More importantly, what role can the UK/Europe and Scotland in particular play in becoming a leader in the field?

This panel discussion will cover different business and legal areas of Blockchain, with UK and International Experts stepping up to give an insight of their experiences of this timely and important topic. Whether you’re an informed enthusiast or heard about Blockchain for the first time, no need to worry! Our event is open to everyone and requires no background knowledge whatsoever.

The ticket price for the event is £4.90.

Paul Forrest (MBN Solutions)
Susan Ramonat (Spiritus Partners)
Greig Paul (Strathclyde University)
Peter Ferry (
John McGonagle (DLA Piper)


Event Schedule:
17:00: Arrival
17:30: Start of Panel Discussion
19:00: End Panel Discussion and move to Networking
20:30: Finish

Western Infirmary Lecture Theatre, room 105
G12 8SU