Christmas Collection 2019

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If you’re an avid reader of our news section, you may already know that as Christmas is fast approaching, our Operations Manager Georgia and CEO Michael Young are once again heading up the initiative to help local charities this Christmas.

Hopefully, for most of us, Christmas brings fond memories. Waking up early on Christmas morning, impatiently waiting to be allowed to open presents, watching a Christmas movie snuggled on the sofa whilst the smells of Christmas dinner waft through from the kitchen, where your mum is singing slightly out of tune to the same Christmas songs you’ve heard every year, but they never get old.

Often, children and vulnerable adults supported by our chosen charities will not have the same experience. They may be in a strange place that doesn’t feel like home, with no money spare to even think about presents, and they may not be able to sing along to Christmas songs or laugh at Christmas movies.

That’s why MBN want to run this collection to help our chosen charities. These are Glasgow Women’s Aid, supporting women, children and young people affected by domestic abuse, and the Maryhill Integration Network (MIN), striving to bring support to refugees and migrants.

MIN are running a Christmas Gift Box programme for refugee families and children. They are also going one step further this year and creating Christmas Relief bags for adults, asking for donations such as soap/body wash, hair gel and make-up. This may seem like a daily necessity that we all take for granted, but for some adults in vulnerable situations, basic hygiene and beauty products are things they simply cannot afford. Donating something as simple as this could show someone the kindness that we all wish for.

Glasgow Women’s Aid provide refuge in the form of temporary accommodation for women and children forced to flee from domestic abuse. People in these situations often have no time to prepare personal belongings for themselves or their children, meaning they will not have access to the Christmas novelties that we are all used to.

But our donations could make the world of difference! A small cuddly toy could make a child happy this Christmas. It could become their companion, their comfort blanket after the experiences they have had. A gift voucher could give a child the gift of choice during the festive season, giving them the chance to go and pick something for themselves. A book could take both children and adults alike on a journey on Christmas day, and help them escape the situation they are in.

This is where you come in! If you have any capability to donate anything, no matter how big or small, to MBN’s Christmas Collection, you could give someone in need something to smile about this Christmas.

If you would like to donate, please do so by 4th December 2019. Get in touch with Georgia to arrange a collection by emailing or please feel free to pop in to our Glasgow office!

Thank you.