Continuing MBN’s growth story – Pete Docherty and Darrel Curren will assume leadership positions

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MBN Solutions are pleased to announce that Pete Docherty will assume leadership of MBN’s Recruitment activities.  Reporting directly to the board, Pete will concentrate his efforts on developing the strength of MBN’s recruitment teams to maximise growth, retention of top consultants and also to ensure that the business continues to develop its management practices.

Michael Young, CEO of MBN Solutions said “With Pete in the role of Head of People Solutions, we now have a key member of our team focused exclusively on contributing to the strategic direction of our reassuring teams.  Pete will be responsible for ensuring constantly high levels of performance for all consultants working in the recruitment part of MBN.  In addition, he will also be responsible for developing our recruitment leaders of the future.  With targets derived from our forecast growth in profit, Pete will work closely with the team to ensure we meet and exceed our goals as we continue our growth story”.

Pete has been with the business for nine years and has successfully built a high performing team within MBN.  This move allows Pete to take his skills and apply them in a more pivotal Leadership role within the business.

MBN’s Chairman, Paul Forrest, stated “Pete is an exceptionally talented example of what can be achieved with loyal and long term members of our team who have a desire to succeed at the most senior levels.  Pete will bring his unique style of emotional intelligence and strong team working ethic to the wider recruitment business of MBN and help to succeed on the next step in our growth plans”.

Pete Docherty

Continuing MBN’s growth story, the latest announcement in senior roles within the business sees MBN’s own Darrel Curren take a new leadership role.  His new appointment as head of Markets will see him focus on developing our key relationships with senior decision makers within client organisations.  With a focus on understanding the clients’ business strategy, key tensions and growth challenges, and their future resourcing needs, Darrel will work closely with the Board of MBN to ensure we are part of the strategic conversation in client boardrooms.  With targets focused around increasing MBN’s already enviable track record of securing repeat business, Darrel will also lead the development of internal competencies focused understanding more about where the markets are moving towards.

Michael Young, CEO of MBN said “Darrel has been a key asset to MBN over the course of six years and it his insight and understanding of the markets that has helped to succeed in his previous role as the head of his team.  This important new role allows us to create a stronger focus on forecasting where client’s future people needs are and to strengthen the quality of our senior relationships with client organisations”.

Darrel will report directly to the board and help to shape the future of the business by ensuring the appreciation of the commercial market for MBN’s services are fully understood by the whole business.  Supporting both planning and delivery, this will see Darrel help develop the strategy of the business over the coming years.

Paul Forrest, Chairman of MBN said “Darrel is an important member of our senior team.  We envisage he will work closely with the MBN Leadership team to spearhead MBN’s continuing plans for growth and expansion.  He will facilitate MBN’s competitive advantage by ensuring we know our clients’ plans at a stage when we can ramp the value of working with us to solve complex people and reassuring issues”.


We wish them both the very best of luck in their new roles and look forward to their contribution.