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The festival saw almost 4000 participants celebrating Data-driven Innovation at over 60 events across Scotland in the space of just two weeks. The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon attended DataSummit on the final day of DataFest and spoke of the importance of Scotland using data, she went on to accredit the MSc Placement Project that MBN facilitates on behalf The Data Lab and the incredible opportunities it holds for both aspiring students and the Scottish companies that take part.

MBN’s Robin Huggins hosted his advanced LinkedIn Skills for Employability Workshop at Data, which was a huge triumph once again. Robin spoke about the skills that employers look for when looking at LinkedIn profiles, he spoke of the importance of maintaining a presence online in our social world and the real benefits of growing your own personal brand.

Alongside the workshop MBN held CV workshops, coaching graduates on CV writing techniques, preparation, and research for interviews as well as practical tips around the selection process that students could use when beginning their job hunt.

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MBN’s Alan and Tiffany


MBN’s Mark and Ashleigh


First MInister Nicola Sturgeon