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Orginial Article can be found here, written by Jude McCory, The Data Lab


Data is everwhere. Data is the new oil. Data Scientist is the hottest job in tech. It’s not how much data you’ve got, it’s what you do with it… In a world where data plays an increasingly important role, meet Scotland’s Data Warriors.

The Data Lab was established with a core mission to generate significant economic, social and scientific value from data. In the four years since then we’ve encountered people in many different sectors who have gone above and beyond to share enthusiasm for data. We want to champion them.

Data Warriors

Scotland’s ‘Data Warriors’ – will be celebrated at DataFest 18. We’ll shine a light on their dedication to affect positive change. Many of these inspirational flag-bearers have focused their efforts on how data can help improve society’s issues. They are highlighting how data can be used for the wider good.

The so-called  ‘Data Warriors for Good’ are not all data scientists by trade; rather, they are people who understand data’s intrinsic value and seek to promote its use within a multitude of projects taking place throughout Scotland and the wider world.

Carol Sinclair – Associate Director Public Health & Intelligence Unit, NHS.

An advocate for the use of data science in Public Sector projects, Carol Sinclair is particularly passionate about introducing Data Science to research, education and wider healthcare. Through her efforts, Carol shines a light on the difference data advancements make in communities, schools and the wider world. A pro-active proponent of women in science, Carol is a regular participant in outreach events which strive to bring together, educate and introduce women to the topic of data.

Kenny Fraser – Non Executive Director at Social Investment Scotland

A business consultant, advisor and mentor, Kenny Fraser has a multitude of experience working with key data companies including Scottish shopping app Mallzee. Kenny seeks to share the value which data can bring to business. In his role as CEO of e-prescribing tool Triscribe, his efforts also focus on bringing academic intelligence to the hands of front-line hospital staff for practical use. From monitoring how the rate of antimicrobial prescribing varies across an organisation through to identifying the timings particular wards dispense prescriptions, Triscribe allows data to be both collected and, crucially, understood. Kenny believes that unless you analyse and understand what collected data is telling you, then you can’t benefit from it.

Gerry Scullion – Analytical Services Digital Manager at The Scottish Government

Working alongside Roger Halliday, Chief Statistician at The Scottish Government and the Data Lab, Gerry Scullion has used data in his work on a number of key Public Policy issues. His work has also looked at ways to ‘upskill’ existing Scottish Government employees in their roles as Data Analysts and Data Scientists. A strong advocate for continued professional development, particularly in the field of Data Science; Gerry has worked tirelessly to ensure that the Scottish Government stays ahead of industry trends by building on, educating and evaluating their data science capabilities.

Pippa Gardner – Urban Tide

A co-founder of UrbanTide, a Scottish start-up based out of Edinburgh’s CodeBase, Pippa Gardner has a distinguished profile in the creation of smart cities. Beginning in 2012, by helping to deliver the Innovate UK £24m smart cities demonstrator, Pippa has also worked on the OPEN Glasgow programme, which worked to open up the city’s data as well as create a number of engaging solutions for a broad range of urban challenges. She has also delivered open data training to of 70 different UK public bodies, as well as launching USMART – a data platform which works with organisations to make data more reusable. Speaking about USMART, Pippa acknowledges that, ‘Ninety per cent of the world’s data was created in the last two years and is a valuable asset in its own right. Currently though, it is rarely used for means beyond its intended purpose, and is often locked in silos.’  Her efforts to unlock this potential mine of data look ahead to a time when ‘the humble lamppost no longer just provides light, but also monitors noise, movement and air quality too.’

Michael Young – CEO MBN Solutions

The CEO of MBN Solutions – a recruitment consultancy dedicated to the increasingly important Data Science, Big Data, Analytics, Blockchain and Technology space. Working with talent in Scotland, the wider UK and internationally, Michael Youngis a proponent of businesses ‘growing their own’ data talent from existing employees.  An instrumental figure in establishing Data Science meet ups in Scotland, he has increased attendance from zero to over 3,000 participants, creating a community of people interested and engaged in the field of data. Michael also works closely with the next generation of Data Scientists and Engineers – alongside The Data Lab, he works to place around 50 MSc data science students from seven Scottish universities across Scotland’s commercial and public sectors.


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