What do you get when you combine a passion for Data, maintenance of wellbeing, the wider data community, and raise money for good causes? #Data5k

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How do you combine a passion for Data, the maintenance of physical and mental wellbeing, raise money for good causes and involve the wider Data Community in the UK and beyond?

Can you throw in visualisations, graphs, content and Social Media tracking to the mix, too?

Oh – did we forget to mention? Can you manage to do this while the world is in Lockdown?

Well, if you are our very own David Henderson and his friend Gavin Allan of Virgin Money – you throw your heart and soul into a collaborative Project that’s taking the Data Community by storm:


It’s a simple idea: walk, run or cycle 5k – record your best time – upload to a website for all to see – make a donation to a good cause – then see where your time compares to others

The beauty of the idea?

  • It uses our recommended hour of exercise each day as a platform to encourage activity – great for physical and mental wellbeing
  • It allows the Data Community to stay in touch on a social level – who within the Data Community doesn’t like hearing from old friends, colleagues and contacts?
  • It raises money for good causes – some are suggested on the website – but you can donate wherever you want!

David and Gavin are are two friends who entered the data community together 3 years ago. They have teamed up on this project to celebrate the strength, togetherness and, ultimately, the power of the Data community. They are passionate about the outdoors, Data, and making a positive impact in the world. This project unites these passions and supports those who need it most – now, and in the future.

The project was developed in 48 hours start to finish – from deciding the name to building out website functionality and data visualizations.

MBN Solutions and Virgin Money have a history of collaboration in areas such as Data Lab’s MSc Placement Programme and the Scotland Data Science & Technology Meet-Up Group so this venture is the latest in a long line of successful partnership efforts.

David Henderson, Principal Consultant at MBN Solutions said: “This was one idea that I wasn’t going to let sit and gather cobwebs, it had to be actioned and Gavin was the 1st person to come to mind to make the idea a reality. Data5k was founded from our passion for data, the outdoors and positively impacting the world we live in.  It’s now over to the Data community to help us on achieve our goal!”

Gavin Allan, Data Scientist at Virgin Money continued: “When David came to me with the idea, I saw it as a great opportunity to combine our skills and enthusiasm for using data for good. Data 5k originated as a concept on Wednesday morning and the live, fully functional, website was completed by Thursday evening. The aim is to bring people together, celebrate data and support good causes throughout the UK – from what I have experienced of the data community I have no doubt in our ability to achieve this as one.”


Photo by Zac Ong on Unsplash