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Our Director of Academy & Client Services, Rob Huggins, was delighted to accept an invitation from DMA Scotland to contribute to their newly formed Scottish Talent Hub.

The recently appointed Chair of DMA Scotland, Standard Life’s Head of Decisioning Firas Khnaisser, has collaborated with Rob for a number of years on a variety of projects and invited him to contribute his views and opinions on the subject of Talent Engagement within the Scottish Data, Digital and Marketing sectors. Rob joined representatives from a number of Scottish businesses at the first meeting of the Talent Hub at Standard Life’s offices this week where a lively and good natured debate was had around the ways in which DMA Scotland members might contribute to the ongoing dialogue around Scotland’s emerging and established Data, Digital and Marketing talent streams.

Rob said “It was an honour to be asked by Firas to contribute my views to DMA Scotland’s Talent Hub. With MBN Solutions occupying a unique place in the Scottish Data and Technology marketplace, we are very familiar with the kinds of challenges that companies face in engaging with and developing Talent. Being asked to give our views on this critical issue within the Scottish business sector was both a pleasure and a privilege and I look forward to further conversations”.

Firas Khnaisser added “DMA Scotland has a key role to play in being able to attract, nurture and retain local data and marketing talent in Scotland. We are joining up with like-minded individuals and organisations who share this same ambition to help make a stronger impact. It’s an honour and pleasure to have Rob on this journey with us as he is very passionate and active in this space, Rob will play a key role in helping to shape and deliver resources and programmes that will make a tangible difference to lives and careers of talent in Scotland”.