Glasgow’s Third Scotland Data Science and Technology Meetup!

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It was great to see everyone who attended September’s Meetup in Glasgow last night. We had a busy night of presentations with four excellent speakers. Thanks to Steve Mattey, Steven Faull, Ariel M’ndange-Pfupfu and Steven Coates.

Steve Mattey, a veteran of the Data Science and Analytics sector in London, brought us his “Good, Bad and Ugly” of working with clients to deliver a Data focussed service. He spoke of the work he has done with companies such as O2, Channel 4, Virgin and Volkswagen and provided valuable real life experiences for the audience to learn from. Steve’s focus was on making data and analytics memorable, impactful and personal for the audience, something his presentation certainly was for our attendees!

Steven Faull of Aggreko then took to the stage to discuss the use of data science within Aggreko’s software development teams. With a worldwide workforce providing complex engineering services to a wide variety of clients, Aggreko are a huge Scottish success story. Steven spoke of his top tips for ensuring success in IoT related data projects, his methodologies for implementation of ideas and new projects and the system design that underpins the operation that he runs.

Arial, a Data Scientist in residence at The Data Incubator, in Washington DC spoke about the importance of thoughtful data science and data education, briefly mentioning he delivers corporate training to increase data literacy and communications inside organisations. His presentation focused on looking at data and figuring out what is meaningful, particularly when exploring human behaviour and decision making.

Finally, Steve Coates of Brainnwave took to the stage with a first for our meet-up group. Explaining the work that Brainnwave Technology do (which has been shrouded in secrecy to date as they are still in stealth mode!) he invited the audience to participate in alpha testing of their product. With our meet up group being enthusiastic technologists, an opportunity to participate in hands-on work of this type is eagerly snapped up! We thank Steve for his invitation to take part in this stage of his company’s journey.

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