Human and AI, Better Together?

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You’d need to have been hiding on The Dark Side of The Moon recently not to be aware of the debate around Artificial Intelligence and its impending impact on civilisation. Everything from employment to defence to transport (and everything in between!) seems to be up for grabs when it comes to the areas that might be most affected by AI. Our “Human and AI, Better Together?” event at Close Brothers office in London on Thursday 20 June brought together a crowd of almost 60 Computer & Data Science enthusiasts and practitioners to debate the subject – led by MBN Chairman Paul Forrest.

Paul was joined on the night by Martin Goodson – Chief Scientist and CEO of Evolution AI, Katie Gibbs – Head of AI at BJSS, Chanuki Seresinhe – Lead Data Scientist at Popsa and Jedidiah Francis – Founder and CEO of

All brought years of experience to our debate. In addition, panellist Jedidiah commented afterwards “Also, well done on putting together the most diverse panel on AI…EVER!” – we like to showcase the differing backgrounds, experiences and points of view of the experts in our Community – as we believe that the best debates are the most eclectic debates!

The dialogue on the evening flowed back and forth as our lively audience engaged our host and panellists on a series of subjects relating to the intersection of AI and Humanity with the ever-popular topic of Data Ethics featuring heavily. As with our recent Glasgow-hosted event “Revolution, Evolution and Adoption of Artificial Intelligence” the audience seemed particularly keen to debate not just the technological advances underpinning AI adoption, but the moral and ethical background to these advances and the implications for society of the Artificial Intelligence advancements that we are living with today (and facing tomorrow!).

Everyone involved in both our Glasgow and London AI Debates agreed that an expertly made-up panel, professional hosts with a strong grasp of the subject matter, first class locations and facilities and an audience prepared to engage with some well-thought out questions and points of view all made for 2 excellent events – and we look forward to seeing you for many more!