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MBN Solutions had a brilliant day on Friday working on our Company vision.

The programme; led by Andrew Sillitoe (Strategic Team Coaching), was set out to align all MBN staff members with a compelling vision, behaviours and create an action plan that will deliver consistent results.

The day consisted on working on 5 main areas of the business:
– The Vision
– Our Image
– Our Behaviours
– The results we want
– The process in order to gain these results.

Michael Young, CEO:
“We had an excellent day delivered by Andrew Sillitoe. It was great to go off site with all of the MBN team to collectively look at creating a compelling vision, behaviours and an action plan that will deliver consistent results.  The team spent time looking at and working on behaviours and performance goals required for creating a high performance culture that will give our business a competitive advantage.”

With great discussion, group work and some interesting drawing skills…we all set out goals/objectives; both collaboratively and individually, in order to move forward and achieve our overall company vision.