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It takes something special to get almost 100 people into a University Lecture Theatre on a sunny mid-week summer evening. Last night, that something special was Ewan Nicolson, Lead Data Scientist at the BBC in Glasgow speaking at June’s Scotland Data Science & Technology Meet-Up.

Team MBN assembled at The Bayes Centre, Edinburgh just after 6 pm. Co-hosts, The Data Lab, laying on refreshments and food for attendees as we arrived. Introductions and networking took place and we were very quickly surrounded by dozens of Data Science, Analytics and Technology enthusiasts. We get to 7 o’clock, Ewan is introduced and off we go!

Ewan has attended Scotland Data Science & Technology Meet-Up more than a few times in the past and the first thing he commented on as he began his presentation was the amount of people in the room. We have grown, hugely, as a community over the last few years and it’s being able to attract speakers of Ewan’s caliber that’s been a key factor in our continued growth and success.

Ewan took us on a journey in Data Science and through the lens of Machine Learning at the BBC. He spoke about graph structures, ontology and metadata, Ethics in Artificial Intelligence and the tools, techniques and technologies that he has utilized in his career to date.
As ever, the audience had lots of questions. In addition to the occasional hand up during his presentation, Ewan dedicated half an hour after his presentation concluded to a wider discussion with the community around aspects of his career, current role and thoughts on wider Machine Learning, Technology and Data Science advances.

We concluded just before 8.30, stepping out into the sunny Edinburgh evening. Once again, the Scotland Data Science & Technology Meet-Up proving why it’s the biggest and best Community event of its kind.

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