MBN Academy to present ‘Tips for Employability’ at University of Hertfordshire

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Another day, another university… the MBN Academy journey continues to roll.

After successful events with Oxford, Cambridge, Regents and Edinburgh Napier Universities, Robin Huggins of MBN has been invited to present to the University of Hertfordshire’s Employability Conference.

The university will be running Employability Week and have asked MBN Academy to present “Top Ten Tips for Employability” on Wednesday 7th October.

Robin will be speaking at 12pm and will share tips with 200+ students how they can win in the Recruitment Game. Shortly after he will join employers of JP Morgan, ITV, Illuminas, EE and Incisive Media on an interactive Q&A panel which promises to be lively and instructive.

MBN are committed to working with our colleagues in Higher Education to ensure that graduates in the Computing & Technology, Digital, Analytics and Data disciplines are equipped with the relevant commercial skills to secure employment in their chosen discipline as soon as possible after graduation.

If you are a University or a University student thinking a presentation to your faculty may be benefit to you and your peers, or simply want to understand the challenges that Technology, Data Science & Analytics will bring to education please get in touch here.