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This will be Scotland’s first ever Datathon and will be held over two days in March.

Date: Monday 20th – Tuesday 21st March 2017
Venue: Deloitte Office, Edinburgh Saltire Court, 20 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh, EH1 2DB
Data is the essence of fintech.


The brightest minds from data science and financial services will come together at the Deloitte Greenhouse in Edinburgh.

Forming teams together with non-technical individuals, the datathon will compete to solve a challenge, in a high octane environment.

This is open to anyone and a large variety of skills will be used throughout the event including data analysis, visualisation techniques, presentation skills and product development.


We will hear from the innovators who are driving the fintech movement, how they are using data, and what Open Banking will mean for the future.

We will also hear 5 minute pitches from the teams competing in the datathon, and a winner will be crowned.



DAY 1 – Monday 20 March 2017

12:00    Opening Remarks

12:15    Introduction to the DATATHON challenge
Assignment of teams and logistics


00:00    Offices close, end of DAY 1


DAY 2 – Tuesday 21 March 2017

7:00     Offices open, start of DAY 2


13:00     Opening Address

13:10     What is Open Banking?
Bill Roberts (CMA) in discussion with Gavin Littlejohn

13:30     How will the everyday man and woman benefit from Open Banking?
Open sharing of our data, will we be protected?
Steve Tigar (Money Dashboard)
Dave Stubley (7 Elements)

14:15     What does Open Banking mean for business?
We will explore how banks will innovate faster,  and fintech collaboration.
Ed Molyneux (FreeAgent)
Colin Hewitt (Float)

14:45     Coffee and tea break

15:00     Introduction to the judging panel

15:10     DATATHON pitching competition

16:15     What can financial services learn from the fashion industry?
Jedidiah Francis (ASOS Head of Data) discusses the application of DATA in machine learning and customisation

16:45     Presentations of DATATHON winning team

17:00     Wrap up

More information can be found here!