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MBN are proud to announce that we are the exclusive recruitment partners for Big Data Scotland event organised by ScotTech Engagement.

The evolution of Big Data analytics has been staggering: it has progressed from an underused asset to a vital source of intelligence and insight, driven by improved hardware, cloud technologies and a plethora of specialist software. These technological advances have pushed the boundaries of what is possible, driving new innovation and allowing huge strides forward in fields like Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing.

This conference will bring together technologists, data experts and business leaders to explore the evolution of Big Data analytics. The conference will contextualise the vast range of analytics tools, and offer practical examples of how they can be applied to specific tasks in processing, mining and visualisation. The event will also provide a unique opportunity for technologists to network, share their views and debate in a friendly, open forum.

Big Data Scotland is organised by ScotTech Engagement with support from the Data Lab and ScotlandIS. The conference is free to attend for business leaders and technologists.

Date: 8th December 2016

Location:  Our Dynamic Earth Edinburgh

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** News article first published on Scot.Data.com