MBN are proud to sponsor DDD Scotland 2018.

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MBN are always delighted to get the opportunity to support and collaborate with other companies and this time we are proud to sponsor DDD Scotland 2018.

DDD Scotland, the free community conference, is returning on 10th February 2018 in Paisley.

Developer Developer Developer events are founded on a number of principles which makes it unique and well worth a single day of your time.

DDD events are free. It doesn’t cost you anything to attend.

It’s on a Saturday. That means for the majority of software developers there is no need to get time off work. For contractors/freelancers it is unlikely to impact billable hours.

Speakers from the community. We invite people that have something to say, a story to tell, or an experience to learn from. The majority of these people are real day-to-day software developers, DBAs, and so on that actually work and face the reality of their craft each day.

Find out all out this exciting event here.