MBN are proud to support ‘Capsule’ for ‘Best Independent Feature’ at this years National Film Awards

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MBN are proud to support their Chairman, Paul Forrest who produced a low budget film called ‘Capsule’ in its nomination for ‘Best Independent Feature’ at the National Film Awards.  The awards are televised on Sky TV on 31 March this year.

For those who don’t know, ‘Capsule’ is a 1959 Cold War Space Thriller featuring Edmund Kingsley (son of Sir Ben!) and Lisa Greenwood.  It also features Nigel Barber from Mission Impossible Five and David Wayman.  With competition from the six times Oscar nominated ‘Carol’ (which cost 47 times the budget of ‘Capsule’) there is a lot of stiff completion so anything you can do to help by voting and sharing the message would be gratefully received.

You may also not know that Paul not only produced the film, but he also shot the film as its Cinematographer.  More on the film and its trailer can be found here: http://bit.ly/1MBAegx

If there is enough demand, we will be undertaking some special private screenings around the country so please vote and let us know if you like to be added to the mailing list!