MBN are proud to support CoderDojo Scotland.

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MBN are proud to support and promote the CoderDojo Scotland network. We provide ongoing support and sponsorship to allow young club members to showcase their work at the international Coolest Projects Awards and we actively encourage our partners and clients to get involved and volunteer for this fantastic initiative.

What is CoderDojo Scotland?
CoderDojo Scotland is part of a global collaboration that provides free coding clubs for young people. It enables them to learn everything they need to become a great programmer whilst providing a safe, fun and sociable environment to do it in. All the clubs are run by volunteers.

What do you do at a CoderDojo?
Young people at CoderDojo clubs learn to build apps, design games, make websites, and experiment with wearable technology and other cutting-edge tech. It makes learning digital skills a fun and sociable experience.

Who makes CoderDojo Scotland happen?
The driving force behind CoderDojo Scotland are the volunteers and mentors from technology and education backgrounds who wish to inspire the next generation of digital content makers. If you are interested in mentoring please get in contact with your nearest Dojo from this list.

CoderDojo Scotland Clubs
There are about 30 clubs across the country including clubs in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Renfrewshire, Midlothian, Dundee, Ayrshire, and Arbroath.

Get involved
To bridge the digital skills gap, we need to challenge what people think about technology. We need show that computer coding, is not just for techies, but it’s for everyone. So, MBN encourage you to supporting our next generation of digital makers by getting involved with a CoderDojo near you.

Find out all about their events and opportunities to volunteer and support CoderDojo here.


Photograph by Claire Quigley