MBN attends the Data IQ Marketing Technology Breakfast Briefing

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MBN attends the Data IQ Marketing Technology Breakfast Briefing

MBN attended the Data IQ Marketing Technology Breakfast Briefing, held on Wednesday 9th July in the Charlotte Hotel, London. The briefing featured presentations from Martin Squires (Head of Customer Insight, Boots), Stuart Crawley (CRM Manager, White Stuff) and John Trowell (Business Manager, Marketing and Merchandising IBM) and concluded with a roundtable session and networking.  The event posed questions and debate around the topic of integrated marketing and multi-channel communications in a data driven economy and how to ensure capabilities can scale and support growing customer bases.

Each presentation gave a unique perspective from leading end-users about how their brand has tackled the challenges of multi-channel marketing and big data management.  The full presentations are available on the Data IQ website. 

Martin’s presentation focused on using data to get the customer connected.  As 95% of loyalty card holders are women and 80% of Boots colleagues are women, Boots must really understand this demographic through great insight.  The advantage card is at the core of their service, with Boots Advantage card numbers indicating what is bought, when, where and offers used.  This insight driven data, Martin explained, allows Boots to tap into their customer base through demographics, transactions and those who received and respond to offers.  Martin then discussed how customers have embraces multi-channel; utilising more touch points to convey more complex and faster changing opinions.  There is now an expectation from customers that retailers use insight.

Following Martin’s presentation, Stuart Crawley from the White Stuff took centre stage to discuss insights into the multi-channel shopper.  The White Stuff sells women’s and men’s clothing, footwear and accessories and has over 100 locations in the UK, Copenhagen and Germany.  Stuart explained the journey which White Stuff has taken in order to understand its customers and revealed the actionable insight as a result of the data collected.  Analysis of new data sets has unearthed some unexpected results for the company, which has indicated the tendency for in-store customers to skew propensities.  For example, in-store customers respond better to Wednesday emails with product information whereas online customers respond more positively on a Sunday.  As a result, the company has now developed a contribution based model to optimise the communication strategy, forecasting maximum achievable contribution for any given budget.

The third and final presentation came from John Trowell at IBM, who provided insight into creating meaningful customer interactions with real time personalization.  Today’s multidimensional consumer is more connected and more demanding than ever.  In order to be effective, today’s personalization engine needs to combine knowing who the customer is (demographics, psychographics, purchase history) and sensing the context of the interaction (pages viewed during the current web session, location identified by a mobile device, products about to be purchased).  John discussed how, in order to meet the demands of the empowered consumer, marketing is transforming to a model of continuous customer engagement, including real-time and location aware offers in order to be a success.

Concluding remarks and questions were followed by the opportunity to network with a varied audience of data, insight and marketing professionals.  We look forward to attending many more events in the future.