MBN Exclusive Event – Using Big Data Analytics to Transform Customer Experience.

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Although data and analytics have great value to organisations when applied to many business situations and operational problems, it’s clear that in many transformation projects, the customer experience is the actual driver and the real catalyst for successful outcomes.

Knowing the importance of the customer experience overall and the increasing focus on that experience for businesses is often seen as a challenging area to tackle. Getting it right whilst achieving alignment of insight and analytics delivers exceptional results for transformational businesses.  The event focused on success stories and the key attributes harnessed to achieve desired outcomes, together with debate relating to common pitfalls and areas to avoid.

We heard from 3 fantastic speakers Nick McCarty, Yasmeen Ahmad and Brian Price.

First to the stage was Nick McCarthy, Head of Data Partnerships at Sky. In an interactive and vibrant presentation, Nick detailed and described the work that Sky does around understanding their customers through analysis of data, with a view to presenting their advertisers with as accurate a view of their target audience as possible. Nick discussed the size and scale of Sky’s data operations, including fascinating insight into the results they had achieved for their clients.

Following Nick was Dr. Yasmeen Ahmad from Teradata. Yasmeen heads up the Advanced Analytics and Data Science function within the business, and took us through an enthralling talk which touched on the work that her team carries out for a variety of clients and focussed on the importance of understanding the context behind the data. Of particular interest to the audience were Yasmeen’s observations on Influence Analytics – where her team had looked at the influence of individuals within their family or friend circle – and the inferences that could be drawn from this understanding.

Finally, Brian Price took to the stage. Having recently headed up Paddy Power/Betfair’s Data Technology function, Brian presented an overview of the work that he carried out within that business and in his previous role as Group Head of Data Engineering for Money Supermarket. Brian’s humorous, intelligent and often candid view of data operations within these businesses provided the audience with some fascinating insight into the decision making process behind some well-known projects, the technologies used to enable this projects to be realised and the sometimes staggering volume of data that organisations deal with on a regular basis.
We hope those who attended enjoyed the night as much as we did!