MBN exhibited and presented at the Techmix Magazine’s Digital Careers Show in London

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On Tuesday 23rd February, MBN were invited along to exhibit and present at the Techmix Magazine’s Digital Careers Roadshow in North London.

Digital Careers Show bridges the divide between education and industry and with the support of the Mayor of London’s Office, is a wonderful forum to engage educators, support young people and address the ‘digital skills gap’ for London based tech companies.

Our Director, Russell Dalgleish and Head of Business Development, Robin Huggins both delivered inspirational talks on the day.

We got caught up with Robin afterwards and this is what he had to say..

“This week saw me exhibiting and presenting at the Digital Careers Show at the Camden Roadhouse, North London.

This event, organised by Tech Mix Magazine (a leading Digital careers publication aimed at students and early career pursuers) and the Mayor of London’s Office, brought together businesses, educators, school pupils, students, entrepreneurs and leading industry figures with one goal – to share access to opportunities within the London Digital community.

Some of the organisations featured at the event included Cisco, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Capita, KPMG, Lockheed Martin, Deliveroo, IBM and John Lewis amongst many others so it is fair to say that there was certainly a wide scope of varied opportunities presented to the visiting digital enthusiasts.

Having spent a considerable amount of time over the last couple of years working in partnership with Universities throughout the country it was a great honour to be invited to both participate and present at an event of this nature. I think it once again demonstrates the regard in which MBN Solutions are held within the industry and also presents us with a very nice opportunity to “give something back” to the sector.

The doors opened just after 9 o’clock in the morning and, after gulping down a quick coffee, it was time to welcome my first visitors. The intakes had been organised by age and education level, so the first curious guests to arrive were some teenage school children from the local area. I have a son who has just turned 14, so I was quickly able to relate to their questions because, to be honest, I am used to being asked very similar ones at home!

After discussing the work that MBN Solutions do, some of the clients we partner with and the most common skill sets we look for, the conversations invariably drifted towards the hopes, dreams, aspirations and ambitions of the students – and the jobs they were interested in within the Digital sector.

I was very impressed (although being Digital natives I perhaps shouldn’t have been too surprised!) at the level of detail that some of my visitors provided about their dream jobs – to hear someone in their early teens talk with detail about how they want to work in app development, with open source technologies, for organisations with a Digital data source – certainly made sure I had my “A game” on – pretty quickly!!

Towards the middle of the day, the school children left and were replaced by college and first-year University students. Questions and comments continued to flow back and forth – I was very impressed by the vision, commitment and ambition shown by these young aspirant Digital professionals – they were a credit to their places of education and their City.

The last part of the day saw more senior University students and those who were currently employed out with Digital enter the show and after a quick conversation with a few groups of visitors I had to make my way quickly downstairs to take the stage and present my “Top Ten Tips for Employability” to a packed room of event goers.

Everything went really well with my presentation – although I think I may have shocked a few of my audience with a quick “jazz hands” moment early on!! The ice was broken, interaction was achieved – and off we went!

I flew through a ten minute “how to” guide – designed to equip aspirant Digital specialists with the tools required to land their dream job, then left the stage to a solid round of applause and a bunch of folks with follow-up questions to ask. Job done!

All in all I had a great day. I made some valuable new contacts, got to talk about the things I love (emerging technologies, resourcing, learning and development, etc) and got to share the stage with some pretty inspirational speakers. It was such a great day!”