MBN is key partner in UK wide entrepreneurship competition

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WeAreTheFuture have now completed a UK wide competition to find the best entrepreneurs to take to Silicon Valley.  Following events in Edinburgh, London and Glasgow, five very worthy entrepreneurs have been selected to join WeAreTheFuture on the ultimate entrepreneurship trip to Silicon Valley.

MBN CEO Michael Young has contributed on the judging panel to select each of the winners.  MBN Solutions has also supported and partnered with the WeAreTheFuture initiative since it was set up by Bruce Walker, CEO and Founder of the not-for-profit enterprise.  Each of the UK wide competitions have also been sponsored by Virgin Atlantic and RBS.  Michael commented, “we recognise that we have a responsibility to give every support to young entrepreneurial businesses and that is why we jumped at the opportunity to back this initiative. I especially liked the competitive nature and international aspect of the project, both of which have been critical to our own success”.

The winners are;

Anthony Gerrard – Founder, BadIdea

Cristiana Camisotti – Founder, Silicon Milkroundabout

David Hunter – Founder, Shotscope

Erika Brodnock – Founder, Karisma Kidz

Sean Miller – Founder, Simplifyd

Bruce commented, “It’s been really exciting this year to open the competition up across the rest of the UK and find extremely talented entrepreneurs from across the country. MBN Solutions have been a huge help in allowing us to grow the competition and the support from Michael has been tremendous yet again.”

If you would like to find out more about WeAreTheFuture or the competition, click here.