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MBN at the San Francisco Start-up Summit

Ok! I hear you cry….  why would MBN be heading across the pond to explore the entrepreneurial start-up world of San Francisco?

“It is easy for us to sit back and reflect on our achievements as a mature and fast growth business” explains Michael Young, CEO, MBN Solutions,

“ultimately, you are only as good as your people, their ideas and your operational capability to create commercial gain from them”, so with this in mind Michael and Russell, one of MBN’s Non Executive Directors, decided to support, sponsor, engage and lead the way with a community of market leading young entrepreneurs wending their way around some of the world’s most impressive companies in search of the ‘next big thing’.

“The trip clearly allowed us not only to experience first hand how other businesses deal with the tensions of growing at the rate we are, it also meant we could ‘rub shoulders’ with the young entrepreneurs and find out from them what they want of businesses such as ours” said Dalgleish,  “it also meant we could do our bit to support these Scottish Entrepreneurs in their quest for guidance on ‘how its done?'”.

With a packed and entertaining itinerary, the duo worked their way around the likes of:

  • Rocketspace
  • AirBnB
  • Bebo
  • Monkey Inferno
  • Sky
  • HP
  • Apple

Soaking up the collective successes of the businesses visited and remarking on how similar they are to MBN, Michael and Russell were able to bring back a whole sleuth of ideas and inspiration – Watch out Glasgow, Usain Bolt has nothing on the pace of our progress!

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