MBN Solutions are thrilled to announce that we have been appointed official partners of The Data Lab Scotland MSc. Placement Project again for 2017/18.

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Following on from last year’s success, the Data Lab intake has increased from 90 funded places across 7 universities, to 130 places across 11. This development highlights the growing demand to deliver the best of the best data skills into private and public sector businesses throughout Scotland.

To facilitate this, The Data Lab have partnered with MBN Solutions through their MBN Academy vehicle.

MBN Academy is the part of the MBN Solutions business model dedicated to acting as a bridge between academia and commercial organisations. Recognising the need for a function of this type, we have developed strong relationships with a variety of Universities and Academic Institutions throughout the country.

We showcase careers within the markets that we operate in, act as a liaison partner to introduce other businesses into the academic space, develop Employability skills within student cohorts through our #MBNSkills program, and champion the success that collaborations of this type can bring in projects.

The MSc. Placement Project for the Data Lab funded students is to offer a 10-12 week paid industrial placement during the summer across a huge variety of Scottish businesses. Placements must be focused in data science, data engineering, analytics or any other similar fields.

After bidding in an open tender with success – we are the lead liaison from initial host companies expressing interest to when the placements actually begin. This includes providing suitable guidance about timelines, application processes, interviews and all other requirements.

If you are part of the Scottish Business Community and interested in becoming a potential host company this year – please get in touch at academy@mbnsolutions.com