MBN Solutions “Data Science Boot Camp” winners are…

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The first place joint winners are Colin Spence, Project Lead at Material DNA and Rocio Martinez, Analytical Consultant at Aquila Insight. And the second prize goes to Beata Mielcarek, IT Program Manager and Associate Data Scientist at CISCO.

MBN Sponsorship allows Rocio and Colin to attend the three-week full programme, and Beata will take part in the Machine Learning module. Participants will use the skills they learn to have a positive impact on their projects and organisations, and through it, contribute towards bringing benefits to Scotland’s economy.

Colin Spence mentions in his video: “When I heard about The Data Lab Boot Camp, I was really excited. It appears to be an accelerator programme that I could handle, that will give me the necessary understanding I need. Our goals at Material DNA is to create a globally scalable data platform that creates jobs and revenue for Scotland. Participation in the Boot Camp will be a significant contributor towards meeting this goal.”

Rocio Martinez said: “Ever since I started working, I noticed the need of learning new skills, specially now, in an evolving world that is demanding us to be the best we can be. I understand the need and power of analytics. I think the course aligns perfectly with me and who I am.”

After announcing the winners, Michael Young, CEO of MBN Solutions said: “We were pleasantly surprised with the content and passion in videos from all participants. It shows the appetite there is for this kind of short-term training opportunities, and for people in the industry to upskill and grow in the area of data science. This is the time for Scotland to invest in talent, and we at MBN Solutions are thrilled to be a part of it.”

Well Done again Colin, Rocio and Beata!


** News article first published on The Data Lab