MBN supports the IoT Scotland 2015

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MBN are proud to announce that we are supporting the IoT Scotland 2015 – the conference that will bring together technologists from the industry, academia and government to explore the move towards an Internet of Things.

This event will take place at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh on Wednesday 30th September with a unique programme of experts who will contextualise IoT within the current technology landscape and assess the implications for business and wider society.

Hosted by Scot-Tech Engagement with support from MBN Solutions, Ping Network Solutions, Pure Storage, Scotland IS and Seric Systems, the event will be comprised of industry keynotes, technical breakout sessions and open discussion.

The list of distinguished speakers participating at the event will include;

Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster at BBC Scotland

Neil Ward-Dutton, Research Director & Co-Founder at MWD Advisors

Alan Faichney, Chief Technology Officer at Silent Herdsman

Derek Liddle, Technical Director at CENSIS

Kevin Power, Software Architect at CENSIS

David Holder, Director at Erion

Prof. Chris Speed, Chair of Design Informatics at University of Edinburgh

Mark Leiser, Law Lecturer at University of Strathclyde

This unique and timely event will showcase the best of Scottish innovation, considering some local organisations that are making waves on the global IoT scene.

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