MBN Takes ScotChain16 to the City of London with CityChain17

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Following on from the tremendous success of Scotland’s first major Blockchain event last September, Glasgow based MBN take the concept on the road to the heart of London for a ground-breaking all-day event.  The event focused on answering the C Suite’s unanswered questions relating to one of the most important technologies of this century so far – Blockchain.

Blockchain has quickly become the must know technology for fast moving and disruptive businesses.  Offering efficiencies and transformational opportunities to businesses across all industry sectors, Blockchain has found itself at the centre of a tremendous quantum of hype.  MBN set out to deal with this in September last year with a hugely successful event held in Edinburgh called ScotChain16.  ScotChain16 focused on Scotland as a centre of excellence for businesses and thought leaders able to cut through the Blockchain hype and to help others understand the realities available when embracing such distributed ledger technology.

Peter Bidewell, the Chief Marketing Officer at Applied Blockchain and one of the events key speakers at CityChain17, said “It’s clear that Blockchain is now moving from conceptualisation to implementation across many industries. With this change, the focus is shifting from the theoretical capabilities of the technology to a more pragmatic approach to filling the gaps in the underlying platforms in areas such as security, privacy and interoperability.”

Hot on the heels of the ScotChain16 success and with many participants of the event pressing for more, IBM hosted MBN at their central London office to put on a similar event to help in excess of 150 executives to understand more about the benefits of Blockchain.

Nick Ayton, Writer, Entrepreneur, Blockchain Architect ICO Advisor “CityChain17 is a must attend in the Blockchain calendar, a well organised event with top line speakers that went behind the normal Blockchain veneer to deliver some very useful insight. Very worthwhile, enjoyable and definitely worth the ticket price”.

This sentiment was shared by many of the attendees and after a full day of networking, speakers and demonstrations, it was clear that MBN had once again achieved their goals in delivering a World-Class Blockchain event with real impact for all attending.

Paul Forrest, Chairman of MBN Solutions said; “Blockchain brings with it many tensions: staffing, models of operation, platform and tool selection and use cases to deliver unparalleled competitive advantage.  The problem, however, is that so much is said with so few who fully understand it that many of those empowered to explore Blockchain solutions simply feel lost.  Our event was designed to rectify this and participant feedback suggests we achieved our objectives”.

MBN will continue to lead the way here and plan several Blockchain and Data Science events throughout 2017.

Peter Ferry of Wallet.Services commented, “CityChain17 was a great opportunity for business to better understand the role of emerging BlockChain tech. Attendees got opinion and advice from big players like IBM, industry thought leaders, and smaller innovative start-ups in this fast-moving field.  It was a privilege to round off the day with our announcement of the Wallet.Services BlockChain Platform Developer Preview, and we’ve seen many financial services attendees already sign up”

ScotChain17 is planned to take place later in 2017 and will see MBN announce the results of a major survey of business attitude and progress with Blockchain ventures.


About MBN Solutions:
MBN are a full-service Recruitment and People Solutions business.  As a business, MBN are positioned as being a challenger brand to larger competitors and a market leader in the areas of Blockchain, Data Insight, Analytics and Econometrics.

The last four years have seen continued, tremendous change and growth for MBN and the plan is to ensure that this business as usual is maintained during a period of high quality, low risk and profitable growth.

MBN continues to lead the field in this important sector by developing thought leadership and perspectives that count with their clients and industry experts alike.


About MBN Consilium:
Originally a business unit of MBN, Consilium Analytics focuses on providing high quality Data Leadership and Strategy consulting.  With clients ranging from main boards of large listed businesses to small, agile start-ups, Consilium helps those seeking to get the most from their data initiatives.

Consilium Analytics represents a tremendous opportunity for the business and as such, it has been given its own commercial and corporate structure to facilitate it growth over the years to come.


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