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Joshua Smith, Client Acquisition lead, MBN Solutions.

How long have you worked at MBN?

It will be 8 years this year. After graduating from University I joined MBN as one of their first employees under the graduate programme. Since then I’ve not looked back and have had a fantastic career journey.

Watching the business grow to what it is today has been a great privilege and has given me insight into how a business can scale and grow as an organisation whilst developing their employees.

What’s been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge has been taking time to build up a personal brand that clients can relate to. I have spent a lot of time researching industry trends and new technology innovations, networking , attending events and meet ups and working with some of the leaders in the Data Science and Analytics field to develop a niche.

It’s great to see when a prospective client in the Analytics and Data Science field gets what we do and can see why we can add value to their hiring process.

And, your greatest success?

I would say my greatest success was being able to develop a portfolio of brand name clients within the Data Science and Analytics field where their Data leaders come to me for advice and market trends when it comes to the subject of talent acquisition.

It’s a humbling experience, however being seen as a subject matter expert and offering this service has cemented the business relationships I have to this day with my clients.

Why did you choose to work in your market?

I’m inherently interested with the use of data, it’s impact on society and how it effects the world we live in on a daily basis for good or worse.

I believe that when data is used correctly, it has the ability to positively change elements of how we think and how we work.

With the advent of widespread use age of AI and Machine learning I believe that Data Science and Analytics is a field that more people will be drawn towards in the near future.

What is your motto or personal mantra?

Be ready for anything and never quit.