Scottish Blockchain Meetup – Blockchain use in day to day life & Blockchain in Film

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It was great to see everyone again last night for the Scottish Blockchain Meetup.

Special thanks to our three speakers Paul Forrest, Philippe Meyer and Mike.

Paul spoke about his experience in the film industry and how Blockchain could be utilised to streamline processes and ensure transparency. Paul demonstrated how Blockchain can serve as a decentralised and scalable solution to manage the increasing complexity of contemporary global networks and digital distribution models.

Also covered in the talk were Smart Contracts for Distribution, Copyright and Ownership Provenance, Combating Digital Piracy & Breaking Barriers for Smaller Players.

Philippe Meyer, Managing Director, Avaloq spoke about using Blockchain technology to pay for parking tickets and used real like examples form places such as Munich.
Mike demonstrated an alpha stage product for cryptocurrency trading. The first in a range of products, including international identification, property and ticketing, this real-time application provides traders with advance knowledge of currency pairs about to rise in price. A white paper for ICO will follow within the next couple of weeks.

In a 15 minute talk, Mike briefly demonstrated the application: it’s usefulness, it’s capability to identify false pumps, and how it exposes the flaws in CryptoPing, an alerts app completed ICO achieving $2.5M+ investment last weekend.

We hope everyone enjoyed the night and we look forward July’s Meetup.