Team MBN take on tough mental & physical challenges

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It was a busy weekend for MBN as some of the team scaled the heights of the Scottish Peaks whilst others traversed the 105 Mile Coast to Coast course!

So… what was it all about?

At MBN we don’t shy away from the challenges associated with being the best in our field.   Providing opportunities for our colleagues to excel in every walk of life and supporting their desire to be lifelong learners is at the heart of what we do.

What this means is that we often find ourselves exploring ways in which we can equip the team with the best skills whilst ensuring that they have the right approach and mindset to making the most of the skills.

But this is only the start, throughout a colleague’s career at MBN, we always encourage the concept of pushing the boundaries, but how credible is this message without the leadership team stepping up and walking the walk?

With this in mind, the MBN Board accepted the challenge of attacking the 105 mile Coast to Coast for the second year whilst two of our colleagues hit the Scottish Highlands to attempt five peaks of:

  • Ben Nevis
  • Beinn Ime
  • Ben Lomond
  • The Cobbler
  • Conic Hill

Five Peaks

Well for Stephen Hill and Darren Moffat of MBN, they joined a number of young professionals from other businesses and tackled the #ReachYourPeak2018 which saw them participate in a programme focused on equipping them with the skills and tenets necessary to become effective future leaders and entrepreneurs.

The programme is built around six transformational days covering some 30+ Coaching sessions from a team including six inspirational speakers with many years’ experience of having what it takes to succeed in life and business.  The event eventually took them to an immense physical challenge of scaling five Scottish peaks.

Both Darren and Stephen agreed that the programme has been a tremendous experience that they believe will have huge impact on them going forward.  They rose to the challenge and scaled the Munros of Scotland bringing their new growth mindset into play and using the newly acquired skills to push them along.

Darren stated “What an incredibly unbelievable week at hashtag#Reachyourpeak2018. An intense, but massively rewarding week of self-discovery and entrepreneurship. It is hard to put into words how I feel about it but it truly has been game changing.”

Clearly programmes such as these depend upon the quality of the thinking behind them and the on the ground delivery and in both cases, the MBN contingent agreed that Stevie Kidd and his team did an outstanding job!

Stephen commented “We cannot thank Stevie Kidd enough for connecting us all and putting on the event of a lifetime. This is only the start of a wonderful journey with this group of people and we will all be together again taking on even bigger challenges! The 5 peak challenge was unbelievably refreshing and gave me the chance to reflect and think about the future all at the same time.”

105 Mile Coast to Coast 2018

 Meanwhile, members of MBN’s board, Michael Young, Russell Dalgleish and Paul Forrest were joined by Russell’s son Scott and decided to revisit the challenge the team first undertook last year.  This time with a key difference!

You may recall that in September 2017 a small band of people representing MBN Solutions and Purple Consulting trained for and completed the two-day Coast to Coast event.  It was tough but we all enjoyed it and delivered a respectable performance for the course.  Somewhere along the way, shortly after completing this event, we somehow managed to convince ourselves that it would be great to do it again this year but this time in One Day!

 None of us can actually recall the point at which we should clearly have been committed for professional help and care, but having decided to do it, we got on and trained for the one day event: a 7 mile trail run starting on the east coast of Scotland at Nairn, followed by an 83 mile cycle course heading through Fort Augustus at Loch Ness followed by an off road section ahead of the last cycle section, this time on road to bring us to Fort William.  Once in the Fort William Transition, we prepped and set off for the 14-mile slog, sorry, trek/run up through Glen Nevis and over the hills to Glencoe where the final 1-mile Kayak and short sprint to the finish takes place at the Isle of Glencoe Hotel.

This, apparently, is what is referred to as Tone at the Top!

With an early start as the sun was coming up, we nervously awaited the race briefing ahead of setting off on the first 7 mile run to Cawdor Castle.

As usual the course was stunning and the weather held nicely for us for all but an hour of the day.

Michael said “We worked effectively as a team for much of the event and got stuck into this incredible challenge.  Last year we did this in two days and an event time of around 14 hours.  With a similar finishing time this year, we were tired when we crossed the finish line but elated to have achieved our goal and beaten the challenge”

An event such as this is a true test of a person’s mettle, physical fitness and mental resolve.  Once again, the MBN Leadership team showed the way.

Russell commented “It is incredible to think that we started at sunrise in Nairn and Kayaked to the sunset finish at Glencoe and we managed to keep going the whole way!  It was great to paddle across the loch without the waves we had last year but nothing beats the feeling of getting across the line and reflecting on the 105 miles distance covered in a day”

With a mix of causes represented, the team once again raised a robust donation for charities including the NSPCC, St Andrew’s Hospice and Children with Cancer UK.  All that was left at the end of our day was to reflect in next year’s challenge!  Watch this space.

So… what did we learn…

 Where do we start?  Keeping it brief, MBN has a proven track record in being the best in its field.  Much of this comes from the quality of the team and its exceptional leadership.  Tenets such as this are key to help develop the team further and to ensure they know it’s not a case of “do as I say” but rather, “do what we do” and that ‘tone at the top’ is a key tenet in showing that the MBN family is a formidable player.