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Nikola Regula, IT & Software Development Consultant, joined MBN six months ago and shares her story so far.

“My journey so far with MBN has been demanding and challenging but completely worth it. From the beginning I was given all the support and the tools necessary to become as comfortable and productive as I could be. Every day I’m making the most of the people I’m working with – I’m surrounded with an amazing bunch of colleagues who are genuinely so knowledgeable and passionate about their niche and always spare their time to give you a helping hand when you need it. It’s a fun competitive environment but it’s all about keeping one another motivated.”

“What I truly admire about MBN is that hard work doesn’t go unrecognised – no matter how small or big your successes are. You are rewarded if you are prepared to work hard and get results. We have incentives in place on a weekly + monthly basis such as: monthly lunches, days/nights out, late starts/early finishes on a Friday, holidays and several more.

Nikola on her growth at MBN – “Overall, the past six months are probably the highest amount of personal development I’ve had during any period of my career. Each day I’m driven to create a better version of myself than yesterday.”

Nikola brings drive and spirit to the business and we cant wait to see her successes!

Here’s to the next six months!