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Data Scientist 2.0:

Talent Driven Innovation


Wednesday 13th September saw The Data Lab and MBN Solutions host a landmark event at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. Dynamic by name the venue hosted over 250 delegates who were dynamic by nature. The day saw a deep focus on the requirements for the next generation of data scientists…  the new data elite or as they have come to be known,
Data Scientists 2.0.


With excellent presentations, panel sessions and workshops throughout the day, the event was also used to celebrate the quality of the MSc data scientists placed with Scottish businesses on behalf of The Data Lab by MBN. An activity to be repeated again this year with even more funded places available from The Data Lab, the event served a useful purpose providing insight and guidance on how industry made the best of the skills on offer.

Michael Young, CEO of MBN Solutions stated “It was another great event that connected and facilitated discussions between industry, academia and the public sector. The real value for many was to hear success stories from last year’s placements and to hear about the opportunities to take a placement student this year.”

These were brought to life by The Data Lab Project Award finalists, the students themselves, during their presentations. The awards recognised some of the best talent emerging from The Data Lab MSC programme. These included a project which used patient data to determine pre-emptive treatment opportunities and a CO2 mapping activity to find the best bus routes for low emissions in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Robin Huggins, Head of Business Development at MBN commented “It was a real honour to be involved in the placement programme and we are pleased to be facilitating this process again this year. Given the quality of the MSc students I worked with previously, we expect demand to be even higher this year and we have already had preliminary approaches from industry seeking to gain access to the funded placements”

With a world class group of speakers including representation from Glasgow City Council, Channel 4, NCR, Sainsbury’s Bank,, Thorntons LLP and Morgan Stanley the day provided a broad perspective on what industry wants, and what the Data Scientist 2.0 can offer.

Paul Forrest, chair of MBN said “Another great event with some of the country’s best speakers covering subject matter greatly in demand, it was great to hear from delegates and speakers alike but the highlight for me was listening to the next generation of employment ready data scientists explaining how they feel they can make a true difference, commercially, culturally and socially”.

View highlights of the day below.

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MBN’s take on The Impact of

Brexit on HR, Recruitment and



Chairman of MBN Solutions, Paul Forrest, explores how people and resourcing issues are at the top of many organisations’ Brexit agenda and what HR and recruitment professionals can do now to start preparing for Brexit.

Let me start with my interest in the subject matter.

As a portfolio non-executive director and board adviser to a number of businesses, Brexit as a concept and in practice is something of great interest to me and the organisations with whom I work.  One of the key areas of concern for businesses planning their response to the impact of Brexit is their workforce. This for me extends to both the people themselves and more generally, resourcing issues.  Since I am the Chairman of MBN Solutions, a full-service People Solutions business, I thought it would be an area worth exploring in more detail.


The Impact of Brexit on HR, Recruitment and Business

Like many UK businesses, the decision to leave the EU in June has certainly led to a period of immediate uncertainty for MBN Solutions.  Clearly, we all want to know the detail of how we will go about what is emerging as a relatively messy divorce.  As a result of the uncertainty we have spent time building both research and thought leadership into the issues which for us create both opportunity and risk.  What I discuss here are those that relate to issues around the people and the workforce.

The single question we are most frequently asked at MBN is how is Brexit going to affect recruitment and retention of employees in the future?  Whatever the impact, once Article 50 is finally implemented in March, there’s no doubt that Brexit is going to take time and a lot of energy to work out, and this is where the first key point needs to be highlighted and that has rapidly become our core mantra… Don’t let Brexit stand in the way of business as usual!


The Role of HR and Recruitment

If we go for a hard Brexit, as has been indicated, it will clearly impact on recruitment from current EU member states. Much of our work at MBN focuses on finding the very best talent in insight and analytics, data science and econometrics, and as such, we currently see many high-quality candidates coming to the UK from the EU where many countries have invested heavily in this important sector. These workers bring exceptional skills and competencies and can potentially add tremendous value to the UK economy.  This, of course, will not be unique to workers coming from the data skills sectors.  The role of client Hiring Manager and HR functions here is to find ways of securing such talented individuals without compromise and this requires planning.  Our response?  We consider ourselves the most appropriate business partner to facilitate this which represents an opportunity to deepen our client relationships by assisting the HR functions within client organisations.

We have spoken with such functions and there are many issues relating to Brexit that are particular to HR. There is already a high degree of uncertainty amongst members of staff about what the future holds and communicating with employees is therefore going to be vital. Anticipated changes may mean assessing the immigration status of employees and providing targeted support for EU nationals and perhaps even their families.

Calm and compassionate leadership is going to be needed and strong planning implemented to help ameliorate potential challenges not only in recruitment but for retaining key staff. There may be changes in regulations and the need to move some parts of the business to the EU for more direct access. There is certainly going to be a requirement to maximise efficiencies in line with cost pressures that could ultimately impact on recruitment. We have already found that the cathartic approach of talking to clients is helping them to understand these issues and helping them to remain calm regarding people issues whilst allowing MBN to be positioned as their ‘go to source of intelligence’ regarding how candidates are responding and where alternative domestic sources of resource may be available.

Read the article in full to find out:
- Why Businesses shouldn't panic
- Will Brexit be bad for us?

The Impact on Recruitment Businesses
So, what about the talent?
What about pay and rations?
Providing information to candidates
We have become the calming influence
Planning for Brexit

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MBN 105 Miles Coast to Coast

Race Report



Late Summer Madness?

Early September 2016, whilst in Glasgow, we spotted the Rat Race ‘Coast to Coast’ event was imminent and decided we liked the look of it with it’s: 7 mile trail run starting on the east coast of Scotland at Nairn, followed by a 48 mile cycle course leading into Fort Augustus at Loch Ness where a quick 1 mile run and kayak leads to the end of day one and the start of Day two’s 21 mile off road cycle; 13.5 mile road cycle bringing us to Fort Williamahead of a 14 mile slog, sorry, trek/run up through Glen Nevis and over the hills to Glencoe where the final 1 mile Kayak and short sprint to the finish takes place at the Isle of Glencoe Hotel.

When I said, “we liked the look of it”, something happened that none of us can really pinpoint (or frankly, properly understand!) but at some point, a week before last year’s event, we decided that we’d undertake this in September 2017 and promptly signed up!


So… what’s it all about?

Well it’s all in a good cause, and that’s the start and the end point here.  It’s for the UK Children with Cancer charity.  In total, we raised over £3.5k for the charity – not our best performance for those who track our similar pursuits from the past, but still a healthy ‘chunk of change’ for a really important cause.  With a purpose in mind, it then became a challenge we could get behind, giving us a purpose to train and the ability to spend a year biting nails over whether or not we’d make it around this tough triathlon of types in the Scottish Highlands.  From the east to west, battling wind, rain and the Sun supported by a cast of millions… millions of Midges that is, our plan was little more than to have fun and finish in one piece.

Read the full report here


MBN are proud to sponsor –

Institute of Directors: International



International Week is a unique occasion to hear how to open up new opportunities in the fastest growing markets in the world.

It will be held at the offices of the Institute of Directors in Charlotte Square. The week, held in partnership with Scottish Business Network, will comprise a celebration of Scotland’s International links and a sharing of information on how Scottish companies can access opportunities in new international markets.

You can get involved in this event through the exclusive sponsorship packages available. All can be found here.

With a prestigious array of speakers and a full agenda for 4 days, this event is one not to be missed!

Are you are running an International business or looking to take those first steps? Then register now and don’t miss out on this fantastic event.

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“A brilliant weekend with some of the team” – MBN holiday target winners return from Palma

Whilst the success of our consultants is rewarded through traditional reward schemes, we also offer our highest performers a strictly target driven reward of a little ‘Rest and Recuperation’.

As a result of exceeding their holiday target; Mari Evans, Lauren Marshall, Pete Docherty, Kris McFadyen, Chris O’Brien, Christopher Jockelson and Josh Smith enjoyed a well-deserved trip to Palma.

The consultants are excellent exemplars of the performance of our people and their ability to continue to add value to our MBN clients.

Lauren “The holiday was amazing! Beautiful restaurants and karaoke every night, it was great to have such fun with people from a range of teams at MBN.”

From the stories being shared in the office and some very tired consultants, it’s clear they all had a brilliant time.

Welcome back to the office!

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MBN are proud to support –

Scotland Women in Technology

Awards 2017.


MBN Solutions are always delighted to get the opportunity to support and collaborate with other companies. We are very excited to announce we are supporting Scotland Women in Technology Awards 2017 in October.

The Scotland Women in Technology Awards champion and celebrate women, and the companies and networks around them, who are achieving success in the technology industry in Scotland. The awards also celebrate the success of those in education who drive grassroots initiatives and grow the technology talent pipeline for Scotland.

Scotland has an abundance of fantastic female role models in technology, however no-one knows about them…yet. In order for us to make big changes and flood the technology talent pipeline with motivated and passionate females we need to celebrate all of the great work already being done and have an endless supply of role models for the future.


Scotland does have Technology Awards however, the female is historically underrepresented in every category. The awards will be the first of its kind dedicated to this particular audience, giving more women (and men who support women) a chance to shine in the eyes of the nation. The Awards is also a unique opportunity to showcase the great work being done in education, which is the most essential part of female technology talent pipeline. The silent runners who work tirelessly in the classrooms and lecture theatres, and those volunteers who go above and beyond to advance young women and those already in technology careers also deserve to be recognised and rewarded.

The awards are open to any individual or group operating in the technology sector or technology education in Scotland. The awards recognise those who possess the drive, commitment, and passion to further the technology agenda in Scotland. Each award category has an example profile of the type of individual or group that should be nominated.



Tables of 10 are £500 + VAT

Individuals are £60 + VAT

Discounts may be available for students and those working in the education sector.

All prices are inclusive of drinks reception, 3 course meal with wine, and an evening of entertainment.

To purchase please contact Lynsey Campbell:


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At MBN, we’re more than just another recruitment business. We are a full service People Solutions business specialising in finding and securing the very best staff and talent for our clients. This requires us to have an in depth knowledge and appreciation for the sectors and skill areas in which we operate.

Our thought leadership can be seen on our website, but it is the compilation of such commentary that allows us to share our unique insight. MBN decided in 2012 to launch a series of regular events where we invite industry leaders, clients and interested parties to share an evening of networking, presentations and general insight into the areas of our subject matter expertise, namely, Technology, Data Science & Analytics and Digital Initiatives.

Have a look here
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Looking for a new job?

We have fantastic roles across the Data Science, Analytics and Technology Positions.

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Roles across:
Scotland, Rest of UK, Europe (Belgium, Germany, Holland, Malta, Spain, Portugal)  and Beyond (New York, Hong Kong)


Michael Young: There can be no soft-pedalling on data front.

Written by Michael Young
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Senior Big Data Engineer

Up to £60,000 + Extensive Benefits
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Insight & Analytics
Information Technology
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