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Myself and MBN are working exclusively with one of Thailand’s most attractive employers to help build out their analytics function in Bangkok.

Our Data community doesn’t just reach the four corners of Britain, or even Europe for that matter (Munich), but in fact reaches all over the world. We are spearheading a project in Bangkok (over 9,500 kilometres away from our head office in Glasgow!) The project will see 20+ analytical professionals join one of the most exciting and advanced ecommerce analytics teams in the industry. Of course, some hires will come from people already based in Thailand however, we are offering sponsorship to candidates from across the globe.

Personally, this is the type of work where I love to add real value on business critical projects. It is an incredibly exciting project to be a part of and to manage the process from planning, through to the logistics and ultimately the delivery is the type of challenge I love.

It’s not only the commercial aspects but also the opportunity that I get to help people find an exciting new role where they will get to work with the most advanced technologies the market has to offer but also the chance to start a new adventure, in a new country, in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Bangkok is an amazing city and it is no surprise that it has a huge expat community from all over the world. It has a solid infrastructure, amazing public transport, centrally located in the heart of Asia, a solid educational system and is very up to speed with technology. Arguably above all, it is a very reasonably priced place to live and transport around Asia by flight is very cheap when you are there.

I feel very privileged that I get to constantly network with people from so many different backgrounds and cultures. It is one of the best aspects of my career and working for a business like MBN who support their consultants on these sorts of market-leading projects is one of the best aspects of my job here.

If this project sounds like it could be of interest to you then please do reach out to me and we can schedule a call.

Likewise, if your business is looking at multiple hire projects and would like to find out the process and value we can add both in the UK and internationally then let’s get a conversation going.

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