2017 Blockchain Survey results announced at #ScotChain17

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As part of our ongoing commitment to leading strategic thinking in the areas of Blockchain, Big Data, Data Science and Digital Transformation, MBN Solutions are pleased to announce the results of the 2017 ‘Blockchain Survey’.

With more than 200 UK respondents from a global constituency comprising C suite business leaders, academics and Blockchain practitioners, this year’s survey focuses on the ongoing dialogue around the reality behind this transformational technology. Beyond the hype and hyperbole, we see the real goals, aspirations, approaches, use cases and barriers to achieving dramatic outcomes from the implementation of Blockchain initiatives.

Finally, new for this year is the exploration of the staffing, skills and resources needed to successfully succeed with Blockchain challenges.  The results are set out in brief below and you can scroll down through several pages of content.  As usual, we are more than happy to debrief or discuss the findings further so please feel free to get in touch here