Big Data Outlook in 2014

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MBN Big Data Outlook 2014

2013 was a fine year

Big data had a huge impact for many organisations in 2013.  From our perspective (and not just because we were looking) it seemed like every press release and technology news item crossing our desks included the phrase.  In fact, the wild popularity of the term might have masked important developments around attitudes, resourcing and technology.

So what’s hot in the realm of Big Data for 2014?

Lets take an educated guess based on some of the anecdotal comments form our 2013 Big Data Survey….  The so called “data to information to insight to decision” lifecycle will get shortened due to machine learning-based automated decision systems; expect an increased adoption of the Cloud to analyse open data; open-source technology solutions are destined to replace proprietary systems and the number of offerings of reporting solutions embedded in cloud with rapid deployment methodologies will increase.

Location, location, location

So if these are the headlines, what else do you need to look out for in 2014?  Our reading of the industry and what our clients tell us they need in respect of skills suggests that some of the twists and turns that lay ahead are likely to be driven by the increase of location intelligence to help add in the ‘where’ dimension for datasets.

Having precise location data helps organisations understand the link between specific locations so that they can identify growth and efficiency opportunities, improve information sharing internally and to their customers, and make more informed strategic decisions.

Online, offline and diverse systems Integration

Another in demand skill set for 2014 relates to integration.  In our survey last year, many reported major issues for their organisations that their online and offline data management systems simply won’t talk to one another.  Take for example, the insurance company facing a prospective customer at the start of their buying process online but choose to make a phone call for assistance, the online analytics vanish.  Many will be seeking means of appending specified data points to those interactions so they have the appropriate links, device information and history to allow the targeting of that customer in any given channel.

Predictive analysis

Do you know your stuff when it comes to predicative analysis? With all the pieces now in place: the cloud, large installed bases of CRM and marketing automation systems, and the rapidly exploding volumes of data, predictive marketing and applications will allow business to truly utilise the power of buying signals for everyone.  This of course may present risks to the need for traditional data scientists and so a ‘reengineering of roles’ may be required here.

Linked to this theme, we perceive employers will make much more of big data in 2014 to close skills gaps. Advancements in data science and the widespread adoption of recruitment technologies including applicant tracking systems, have created a huge opportunity for employers to leverage big data in their recruitment efforts

So its going to be an exciting time for the maturing of Big Data and with zeroing in on data of real value, real-time processing and the democratisation of big data as underlying themes this year, we could see a whole host of new career opportunities available for the brightest and best in the labour market.


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